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Case Studies

Case Study #1 | Work Optional

Meet John and Mary, a couple in their early 50s who have been diligently saving for retirement throughout their careers.  John and Sarah have always dreamed of a life where work becomes optional without sacrificing their desired lifestyle, and allows them to pursue their passions and hobbies. However, they need guidance to ensure they have a solid financial plan in place to support this goal.   

The Challenges

Determining Right Age to Retire

John and Sarah want to understand when they can realistically retire without jeopardizing their financial security.

Managing Their Investments

They need assistance in optimizing their investment portfolio to ensure it aligns with their retirement goals and risk tolerance.


John and Sarah are concerned about the impact of taxes on their retirement income and want to explore strategies to minimize their tax liability.

The Solution

Working with a financial planner, John and Sarah embark on a comprehensive retirement planning process. The financial planner conducts a thorough analysis of their current financial situation, including their assets, liabilities, and projected income sources. Based on their desired retirement lifestyle, the planner develops a customized plan that addresses their concerns and helps them achieve work optional status.

Retirement Income Analysis

The financial planner assesses their projected income from various sources such as investments, Social Security, and any other retirement accounts. They determine the optimal age for John and Sarah to retire while maintaining their desired lifestyle.

Investment Strategy

The planner reviews their investment portfolio and suggests adjustments to align with their retirement objectives and risk tolerance. They recommend a diversified approach that balances growth potential with risk management.

Tax Efficient Strategies

 To minimize their tax liability, the financial planner suggests strategies such as tax-efficient investment vehicles, tax-efficient withdrawal strategies, and taking advantage of available tax deductions and credits.

Risk Management

The planner assesses their insurance coverage, including health, long-term care, and life insurance, to ensure they are adequately protected against unexpected events.

Estate Planning

Recognizing the importance of preserving wealth for future generations, the planner works with John and Sarah to develop an estate plan that addresses their wishes and minimizes potential estate taxes.


By implementing the recommended strategies, John and Sarah successfully achieve work optional status. They can confidently retire at the age they desired, knowing that their financial plan is designed to support their lifestyle goals and provide a comfortable retirement income. With the financial planner's ongoing guidance and support, they have peace of mind knowing that their financial future is secure.